Urgent Advisories & Town Meeting Schedule 2019

5:15 – 7 p.m. – Waimea School Cafeteria
Always First Thursdays

September 5
October 3
November 7
No December Meeting

There is no charge to attend WCA Town Meetings and everyone is welcome. However, membership is encouraged and supports our not-for-profits’ modest operating expenses. (We are all volunteers so overhead is extremely low.)

WCA Membership: Dues $15/person; $25/family/year. Please join!

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VERY IMPORTANT: 2018 Governor & LG Candidate Forum – Thurs., June 14, 2018 – 5-8 p.m. – Please join us!

To introduce voters to candidates for Governor of Hawai’i, to enable candidates to get to know Waimea’s and North Hawai’i’s issues, priorities and concerns, and to encourage voting in the all-important August 11, 2018 Primary Election when many Hawai’i races are expected to be effectively decided, Waimea Community Association (WCA) and several community groups are collaborating to co-host a candidate forum from 5 to 8 p.m. Thurs., June 14, 2018 in Waimea School Cafeteria.

All North Hawai’i voters are invited to meet and talk with the candidates for Governor.  All of the current 13 candidates who have filed by the June 5 candidate deadline have been invited.  At present, there are six Democratic Party candidates, three Republican candidates, two  Nonpartisan candidates and one Green Party candidate.  Not all have confirmed.

In the race for Lt. Governor, there are five Democratic Party candidates, four Republican candidates, two Nonpartisan candidates and one Green Party Candidate.  Not all have confirmed.

The forum will be facilitated by newswoman Sherry Bracken, who will begin the program with candidates introducing themselves and sharing their reasons for seeking the highest public office in the state, and also their top two priorities for the North Hawai’i district and island.  Then, candidates will participate in a “speed dating” format that involves candidates meeting with small groups of voters to discuss issues and answer questions.  These small group sessions will be timed, and then candidates will move on to meet with the next small group.  In the course of the evening, all candidates will have spent time with all voters.

Community leaders are being recruited to captain each of the small groups to ensure as many questions or issues as possible are addressed.

“Waimea has hosted candidate forums since the 1970s and we sincerely appreciate that candidates are willing to make time to come meet with North Hawai’i voters and get to know more about us,” said Patti Cook, WCA President.

“Our community likes the ‘speed dating’ format because they say it helps them get to know candidates on a more personal basis.  Participants say that ‘speed dating’ lets them convey their priorities and concerns and also hear candidates’ views, what they know and how they think,” said Cook.

Hawai’i’s Primary Election Day is Sat., Aug. 11, 2018.  The published deadline to register to vote in the Primary is July 12, however, the Hawai’i State Legislature has now authorized voter registration on election day.  However, early registration is recommended, and in fact, is required to receive a mailed absentee ballot.

Voter registration forms will be available at the forum and are available online at https://olvr.hawaii.gov. You must provide a Hawaii Driver’s License or State ID, and your Social Security Number when registering. Voters may also submit by mail a paper Voter Registration & Permanent Absentee Application.  Go to: http://elections.hawaii.gov/wp-content/uploads/Voter-Registration-and-Permanent-Absentee-Application_Form-Fillable.pdf to download the form.

Early walk-in voting will begin July 30 at Waimea Community Center on Kawaihae Road and also in Hilo and Kailua-Kona.

The County Clerk will send mailed absentee ballots to voters beginning about July 23.

Waimea Community Association is planning a second Candidate Forum prior to the Primary from 5-8 p.m., Thurs., July 12, 2018.  This forum will feature candidates for Hawai’i State Senate Dist. 4 (Hamakua-Waimea-North Kohala-Kawaihae-Puako-Waikoloa-North Kona); State House District 7 (Waimea-North Kohala-Kawaihae-Puako-Waikoloa-North Kona); and County Council District 1 (Hamakua Coast to Waimea’s White Road) and County Council District 9 (from Waimea’s White Road through Waimea to Kawaihae, North Kohala-Puako-Waikoloa-North Kona).

Healthy snacks will be provided at both forums by hosting organizations including Waimea’s Lalamilo farmers and there also will be complimentary Tropical Dreams Ice Cream.  Hot coffee will be provided by Starbucks – Waimea.

Hawai’i’s General Election will be Tues., November 6, 2018 and all public schools will be closed that day to facilitate elections.

For more info about the WCA forum, call Patti Cook (937-2833) or email cookshi@aol.com, or go to www.Facebook.com/WaimeaCommunityAssociation.

2018 Hawai’i Elections Timeline:

Questions?  Call County of Hawai’i Clerk Stewart Maeda (961-8277)

What’s New – 2018 Voting: To increase voter participation, Hawai’i residents can now walk in, register and vote on both Primary and General Election Days.  To do so, residents must present a valid photo ID (Driver’s License or State ID), and a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck or other government issued document that shows your name and address).

To find your polling place: https://olvr.hawaii.gov/altpollingplacesearch.aspx

July 12:      Deadline to register for Primary (see note above)

July 30:      Primary – Early Walk-in begins – Hilo, Kona and Waimea Community Center

Aug 4:        Primary – Deadline to request absentee mail ballot (7 days prior to the election) 

Aug 9:        Primary – Early Walk-in Voting ends

Aug 11:      Primary Election Day (7 a.m.-6 p.m.) 

Oct. 9:        General – Deadline to register (see note above)

Oct. 23:      General – Early Walk-in begins  – Hilo, Kona and Waimea Community Center

Oct. 30:      General – Deadline to request absentee mail ballot (7 days prior to the election)

Nov. 3:       General – Early Walk-in Voting ends 

Nov. 6:       General Election Day (7 a.m.-6 p.m.)




Posted on May 21, 2018 in News Releases

Pearl City, May 21, 2018 – The State Office of Elections and the Hawaii County Elections Division will be mailing Absentee Applications to over 6,000 voters assigned to Pahoa Community Center (04-03) and Pahoa High/Intermediate (04-04) due to the uncertain nature of the volcanic eruption in lower Puna.

Voters can use the Absentee Application to request a mail ballot for the 2018 Elections or to update their address if they have relocated. Completed applications should be submitted to the Clerk’s Office at 25 Aupuni Street, Room 1502, Hilo, Hawaii 96720.

Election officials will continue to monitor the situation to ensure affected voters are able to cast their ballot for the upcoming elections. Hawaii Revised Statutes §11-92.3 allows polling places to be consolidated or designated absentee mail precincts during states of emergency.

Additionally, the Hawaii County Elections Division will be providing outreach by visiting evacuation shelters in Pahoa to provide voter information to affected residents.

For additional information about absentee voting, contact the Hawaii County Elections Division at (808) 961-8277. The Primary Election is on Saturday, August 11 and the General Election is on Tuesday, November 6.


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