Urgent Advisories & Town Meeting Schedule 2017

2017 WCA TOWN MEETING SCHEDULE: 5:15-7 p.m., First Thursdays - usually in Waimea School Cafeteria (unless notified):

•Thurs., Jan. 4, 2018 – 2018 Legislative Preview (including possible purchase of vacant lot adjacent to post office and school), and exploring sustainable agriculture, food security and self-reliance.

•Thurs., Feb. 1, 2018 – Hawaiian Ethos – the licensed medical marijuana producers/distributors here in Lalamilo Farmlots

Testimony regarding dedication of land from Parker Ranch for Waimea District Park

 March 28, 2015
To : Chair Valerie Poindexter & Committee MembersAs you know, a commitment was made by Parker Ranch in 2002 to dedicate landsto the County of Hawai’i for public park and recreational purposes. This was partof a rezoning ordinance that recognized a serious shortage of public recreational facilities in the Waimea area that predated 2002 by many years. These lands that were set aside have been used for the Waimea Trails and Greenways project, as well as the proposed Waimea Regional District Park.

The Waimea community has, in the ensuing years, dedicated a tremendousamount of time to working with both the Ranch and County Parks and Rec staff toplan and design a long dreamed of District Park, and more recently, worked with the County Administration, Council, State Legislature and the Governor to secure authorization and release of matching funds for a master plan, and now construction of Phase 1. We sincerely thank everyone who has had a hand in keeping this moving forward, most notably community volunteers with Waimea Park Builders, which is led by Mel Macy.

The dedication of land by Parker Ranch and its trustees as addressed in Resolution No. 121 15 is a critical step to keep this project moving forward. We thank the Ranch for this contribution to our community’s wellbeing, and we urge quick action by this Committee and Council to accept this dedication.


Patti Cook




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